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Dr Raad Al Mudaris (M.Med Sci – Orthodontics UK)

An orthodontist based in the emirate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates with over twenty five years of experience, covering all aspects of dental, orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry practices.With a steady hand and a sharp eye Dr Raad positioned himself as one of the leaders in his field; he is passionate about giving patients the results they need and deserve.

Years of Experience


Our mission is to serve our patients every need by providing them with world class bespoke dental, orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry services


Our vision is to achieve a margin 100% of customer satisfaction in Dubai as well as the encompassing Emirates

“Achieve facial balance and harmony; we provide holistic orthodontic treatments that take into account the aesthetics and proportions of your whole face.” Dr Raad Al Mudaris



We don’t just strengthen teeth, we change faces

Facial Aesthetic Design

Achieve Facial Balance and harmony; we provide orthodontic treatments that take your whole face into account

Painless Decay Removal

Breath in, Chill out;
No Drills
No Pain
No Needles
No Fear

Porcelain Cosmetic Veneer

This is what you have been waiting for; get the smile to match your lip and facial structure as well as your age


in-clinic and take home kits designed for you with your very own custom mouth piece; no more awkward fitting pieces to chew down on.

Breath Management

Speak and Smile with confidence, here is where all bad breath ends using in-clinic techniques as well as take home remedies

Happy Healthy Gums

Kool White uses innovative non-surgical treatments to rid you of common gum diseases which would usually require surgery

Smile Facelift

Look & Feel Younger with a non-surgical anti aging facelift. Created using a combination of orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry to reduce signs of aging restore proportions and give you the aesthetics you deserve

Look and Feel Younger; we will give you the motive to smile

Contact & Location

Direct: 050-9425626
Landline: 04-3457372
407, Block A, Al Oasis, Al Mina road, Bur Dubai, Dubai – Our Building can be found next to capitol hotel – Navigate, Click here
Our Building can be found next to capitol hotel.